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Women in Herpetology is a captivating read that reveals the grit, determination, and passion of women who have chosen to devote their lives to the study of amphibians and reptiles. The stories reflect the joys these women have found through herpetology, as well as their love of travel, adventure, and exploration. Artists from six continents provide gorgeous illustrations of the women and their study animals. This book is a compelling testimony of the rewards of following one’s dreams.


– Marty Crump

Coauthor of WomenField Biology: A Journey into Nature

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What does being an author of the Women in Herpetology Book means to you?

The publication of the GWH book is a positive sign for change in the largely male dominated communities of herpetology: for the very first time such a high number of women herpetologist will express themselves in a book. Let's go on!
                                                    -Annmarie Ohler, France

The GWH Book project gave me the chance to sit down and finally think to my story from a personal perspective, and I am trilled by the possibility that this small contribution can help motivate new people pursuing this path. Herpetology needs more diversity!

                                                       -Angelica Crottini, Italy

Why did you decided to contribute to the project?

To encourage...that is what some of us are constantly doing, and have been doing through centuries.


                                     -Jelka Crnobrnja-Isailović, Serbia

I wanted my story to be heard to inspire other young women especially those in Africa. We can make it if we put our minds to it.                                                   

                                                   -Sandra Owusu, Ghana


Contributing to the GWH Book provides an opportunity to showcase the experiences of women in herpetology, inspiring others and creating a global network of female herpetologists. It fosters collaboration, promotes diversity, and empowers women in the field.


                                           -Naoual Oukkache, Morocco

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