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Welcome to the network directory, we are happy to have you here!

This is an online platform for women in herpetology to converge in the same space.

You can add your self to the directory and browse our directory in the links below!

Until May 2022 the directory has 377 responses (365 public). 

Responses included people representing 5 continents and 59 countries!


The Global Women in Herpetology organizers are compiling this directory and providing a space to share the information.

The data presented is self-reported and has not been curated by the organizers..

What are our goals with this directory?

1) To promote collaborations with and among women

2) To provide a platform to increase the visibility and online presence for women herpetologist around the world.

3) To compile in one place the incredible efforts towards diversity and equity by women in herpetology around the world.

How does the form works? 

All the information requested is VOLUNTARY. However if you clicked YES to make public the information, all the information you provide in the next sections will be public in the website. 

Where is the directory going to be published?

The directory is an interactive database, with full profiles and links in our website. This will allow users to filter and search based on country, continent, career stage, field of study etc.

When will my information be available in the website?

Your information will be added to the website after you complete the registration form. However the picture will take a couple of months to be uploaded.


If you have any question or if there is any mistake in your data please send us an email to and we will be happy to fix it!


If you have some time, please take a break to join the amazing community of women in herpetology around the world!

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