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Here are the students and interns who have contributed to various aspects of the Global Women in Herpetology Project.


Rylie has helped improve and curate the content within the GWH website.

She is a recent graduate of Penn State, with a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Science and a Biology minor. Her interests are herpetology and ornithology. Rylie plans to head to graduate school to pursue a masters and, eventually, a PhD!


Tracey has helped research artists to contribute to the GWH project and created posters to communicate the project to a larger audience.

She is a graduate from Colorado State University with a major in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. She is particularly interested in captive breeding and release as a population management technique, and the long term effects it has on wild populations of endangered species.


Ayat has worked on various aspects of the GWH project, including proof-reading and providing feedback for the GWH book and research on artists to contribute to the GWH project.

She is a Rhodes College student (class of 2023) with a Biology/Pre-Med major and JIMES & International Studies Minor.


Sarah helped design and create the GWH Network Directory.

Sarah graduated from Rhodes College (2022) with a degree in Computer Sciences and is interested in the Cyber-Security or Cyber Forensics field.

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